Dream box n°5


From my meeting with a wood turner was born this serie of creations combining vegetal and mineral, earth and fire, wood and glass!
Jewelry, spices, incense, secrets or dreams ... each box is yours!
Made in turned wood and lampworked beads in Murano glass.
Unique piece signed and numbered.
©Les Perles de Caroline & Silver Fox

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This creation in turned wood and lampwork glass bead, was imagined and created with four hands. Jewelry boxes, spices, incense, secrets .... For me it will be a dream box, shared with you.

Oiled Apple Tree Box
Ebony Finial
Murano glass donuts ornament.

Total height: 230mm
Height of the box: 120mm
Opening: 60mm
Finial Height: 85mm
Size of the beads: 25mm & 13mm

Care instructions for oiled wood with Danish oil:
- Dust with a soft cloth
- do not wet
- do not handle with greasy hands.

Wood is a living material, it can react according to the hygrometry and the temperature of the room. This is normal!
If the lid is a little stuck, do not force it to open the box, just lightly pass the hair dryer on the top of the box (20 cm away to avoid burns).

Each box is turned by hand.
Each Bead is lampworked.
100% made in France
© François Gautier & Caroline Huet

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