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Lampworking since 2016



It was my grandmother who introduced me the Arts. Prima ballerina in the 30s and then owner of a gallery in Paris, she had at home, tons of invitations for galleries "vernissages". Imaginary journeys in the world of art! Sculpture tools stored in her drawers, sheets of Canson paper hidden under a bench, it was always a special treat when she organised creative sessions. She intoduced me to the pleasure of sculpture, painting, graphic arts, dance, during Wednesday afternoons and school holidays. Immersing myself in the gift of art became part of my existence and putting hands in the material quickly became essential.

After studying in a Parisian graphic arts school, I became a freelance Art Director and ergonomist. Even though the digital aspect of creation is fascinating, I missed the touchy feel, hands on part of it.

For many years I was passionate about the art of glass. I enrolled myself into an introductory course in the creation of blow-torched glass beads . It was love at first sight for this technique!
Glass can be challenging yet magic and sets the bar fairly high. Sitting in front of the flame is always a moment of enchantment and especially calm. The glass guides you into its motion, follow your instinct and the magic happens!

We start from a glass rod, very simple, we plunge it into the flame and the glass melts to the texture of honey. It is then rotated on a mandrel (stainless steel rod) to create the bead or sculpture: techniques of posing points, implosions, transparencies, bubbles, colorful graphics ... there are no limits!

All my beads are handmade, baked at 500 °C, and cleaned thoroughly. I want to stay in pure creation, no big production on the horizon. I imagine the beads on the torch and then selectively position them. Each of my creations are one of a kind.

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Photos : ©Sophie Libermann & Caroline Huet

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